Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Up To Speed: Post #1


Things are moving along quite nicely with the adoption! We got word from our agency that we have been bumped up the wait list...well, bumped off the wait list I guess and have been given the green light to start our homestudy! Originally we prepared ourselves to be on the wait list for at least a year, year and a half and THEN start our homestudy so this news was "laugh while you're crying" good news. lol. It was awesome.

This past Tuesday marked our first sit down meeting with our Adoption Practitioner (AP) and although we were really nervous, it went really well. After just a few minutes we felt at ease and ready to tackle the huge mound of paperwork she had prepared for us. I'm not sure how familiar anyone is (including me!) with the international adoption process but as we go along I will do my best to explain each of our many steps.

The homestudy is basically a process to determine if we are ready to become adoptive parents. It consists of a series of interviews/ visits at either our AP's office or at our house. However at least one of the visits has to be done at our home where she checks to make sure that our house is safe, has enough room for the child, checks out how we live, etc. On average there are between four to six two hour visits, but if needed there could be more.

So during the interviews our AP will talk to us about a range of things. Our childhood, our expectations of family life, personal relationships, all that good stuff. We found the wait leading to our first appointment stressful b/c we didn't really know what to expect but all that anxiety subsided when we got there. Our AP is really pleasant and thorough with every document. We've been told to get ready to be very flexible throughout each and every step so anytime something has a set method in this process, its a bonus! From the beginning we were told that dates could change, requirements, documents, everything could flexible. So we left feeling relieved, really. We're good peeps w/ a ton of love to give so all we need to do is be open and honest.

Truth be told, we're eager and happy to go through all the motions that lead us to parenthood!

We're going to be parents!!

We're over the moon excited about our first bambino and these days its all we talk about! "Do you think the baby will like my cooking?", "Do you like the name...", & "what do you think the birth mother & father are doing right now?" :)

Our next appointment isn't for a few weeks but we have lots to do in preparation for it so we'll be busy. A while back we got to meet a really nice family that adopted their first son from South Korea at our first seminar and they told us that they found all the paperwork made the time go by faster. My good friend "M.E" also said the same. I can see how that would be true. I'm an organizer by nature so I'm spending a lot of time dating stuff, "post it" noting, checking boxes, & addressing stuff. I secretly love every detail. ;)

"M.E" rocks and has been a huge help to us during these first few very confusing, anxiety ridden months. I'm lucky to be able to hit her up for some advice when I need to. "M.E" ? Are you out there? lol. Thank you!

So! We'll write as often as it makes sense. When there is news, we think of something cool that we think you guys might like or with recipes and other fun stuff. This is just the beginning!

We'll leave you with a Koreatown restaurant recommendation! On the corner of Bloor and Palmerston is a great Korean spot with the cutest side patio. We rode bikes up and had a "Hite" beer and some really great mandu. Can't wait to go back!



P.S. Unless specifically told otherwise we will follow blog etiquette and name people by their initials only. Just for privacy sake.