Monday, August 24, 2009

This Ones A Keeper!

I tried another Korean recipe today and it was amazing! Really, really good and spicy!!

It was called "Taktoritang" which is pretty much a braised spicy chicken & potato stew. I let it simmer for a really long time and the meat shredded up and the potatoes almost mashed themselves and it made for a nice, thick broth. I did make a couple changes to the recipe as I found a couple different variations online and you know how you can always get a feel for a dish when you start assembling the ingredients? Yeah, that started happening. For our tastes it just made sense to use boneless, skinless breasts instead of drumsticks, I also added a handful of green peas ('tis the season)and used some low sodium chicken stock. Good thing too, that 3 tbsp of red pepper paste is out-of-this-world. If you're not into really, crazy spicy food I would kick it back to one tbsp and skip the flakes all together. You could always add more to individual bowls later. To top it all off I added some chow mien noodles but to be honest, it didn't need them....I just felt like some noodles is all. ;)

Perfect for the cooler months and a great freeze for later kinda meal! Minus the noodles of course. We have tons of leftovers! I plan on just scooping it over rice for a quick meal.

Actually, it probably costs under $15.00 to throw together too! Even less if you already have the chili paste. Bonus!

Monday, Monday

I must admit, I spent a good hour (ok more but pls. don't judge me) this morning watching "Gotcha" videos on youtube.
"Gotcha Day" is the day that the family is united with their baby. I've attached a Wiki link for more info if you're interested! A lot of the videos I watched this morning were of the actual moment that the baby is passed by the caregiver to the adoptive parents. Awesome stuff. The families post the videos for friends, family and I suppose for families like us (it is youtube after all)who want to take a peak at what that moment might be like. I find it hopeful and it makes me really happy to watch it all go down.

This is a cute one....If you're emotional, grab a tissue! :)

I Almost Forgot!

The beef marinating in all of its "Bulgogi-ness" ;)

The Wonton Filling

Those recipes I tried The dumplings were really good but we pan fried them so I didn't feel the best about eating them. Next time I'll add them to soup maybe? The Bulgogi was good but lacked a flavour burst that I was expecting it to have. I thought it was going to be really sticky and spicy. Not so much. Definitely a recipe I will try again and again though especially now that I know what to add more of and what to add a little bit less of. Trial and error. That will make it special I think. Perhaps, over time it will become one of our family recipes!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Step Closer


Saturday was fingerprint day! We have to have police clearances done for our homestudy so of course we needed to get our prints done and submitted as soon as possible. It doesn't take long at all b/c they are now done electronically. Just a few days. No biggie. We're being very efficient and organized with all of our appointments though and are always so amped up to get one step closer to our little one! We were really excited to get there so we were up and at 'em early and were the first ones through the door when they opened. "Adoption?" was the first thing the gentleman behind the desk said! Haha. "Yup!" we replied and we were off. It turns out I have perfect little fingerprints! They said I can thank my mom for that as your fingerprints come from your mothers side. Interesting. DH had really good ones too but overall the man taking our prints declared me the winner. :) We are finding all these little things leading up to our baby's arrival so important. Sort of our version of sonograms and such.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

After mentioning that Korean restaurant in my first entry I've had such a craving for it! Tonight I've decided to surprise M with some homemade, albeit very basic Korean cookin'! I've been trolling (totally great website for all kinds of recipes with real people reviews) and I think I've found a couple basic recipes to try for my very first time.

My secret hope is that when our lil' one arrives we will have a few favourites down pat and it will be our little tradition to prepare them together.

The first are Korean wontons full of cabbage, veggies, marinated meats, ginger and I may add some glass noodles. We'll see. I may even take my chances and do a medium sized batch to freeze. Mike is a big gyoza fan so I think they'll be a hit. Here's hoping!

The second is just a super easy version of bulgogi
that I plan on serving with some rice.

Better get crackin'!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Since The First Day..."

My Grandmother passed this week. She was a great Mother, Grandmother, & friend. She would sit at her kitchen table for hours with any one of us and talk us through any problem we might of had or just tell & re-tell funny family stories and laughed and laughed. She was beautiful.

Her and I had a special saying we would say back and forth every time we hung out or talked on the phone...."I've loved you since the first day I saw your beautiful face" and then I would tell her that she was my best friend. We've said it for as long as I can remember. She would secretly tell us all that we were her favourite! :)

She made a lot of people feel really, really loved and special. She was amazing that way.

I always hoped that Grandma would be around to meet my children. I know she is with us on this journey though and who knows... maybe she has already met our son / daughter and is giving him/her the low down on all of us! ;)

I'll carry on everything she has taught me about life, love and family.