Saturday, September 26, 2009

Its been too long!

The past few weeks have been spent visiting with our Adoption Practitioner and getting through our homestudy. This has been tougher than we even imagined and we've been so stressed out. But, we have one more in office visit and then one visit in our home left and then she should be able to finish up and send our homestudy to us & the ministry for approval. The time line on that is usually 3-4 months however we've been told that the government is hiring some new staff b/c they identify that its a long process. Hopefully that will speed things up. Then, from there, the approved documents will be sent to our adoption agency and they will put it together with our other important documents (Diplomas, marriage certificate,medicals, family photos, financials, etc) and send it to Korea....and then...we wait and wait and wait some more. :)

These past couple days we were at PRIDE classes ALL DAY. Kinda boring but interesting too. Its a parenting class that is required by the province for all foster and adoptive families. Its main goal is for the families to better understand the entire process of raising a child with, essentially, a past that you don't necessarily know about. What have they experienced, how it may affect them, how to help them through some unique and natural curiosities, questions, grief, etc. A lot of it is focused on domestic adoption and fostering older children for the most part so it can get pretty emotionally charged and sometimes even frustrating. We are required to have taken the course to adopt however the whole group of us are adopting internationally and there isn't very many statistics and such for us. However, we're there and on the flip side, we can see that there is also a lot of general parenting stuff that is going to be really useful in the long run. Pretty interesting. Plus, its at a Greek hall and they serve the best potatoes and salad at lunch! We still have two more classes to go before we complete that.

Its funny, we have to get up at 6am on the days we're in class and its so awful getting up before the sun! The weird thing is in the Summer I would have no problem but this time of year, with it still being turns my stomach. Literally. I have a physical reaction. You should see poor M watch me dry heave! lol. Gotta be the universe preparing me for motherhood! Babies really don't care what season it is, whether the sun is up or not, or how you're feeling, do they? ;)

So, we're still a ways away yet but we're chugging along bit by bit!


P.S. Did you guys see the pics of Katherine Heigl with her daughter Naleigh (Nancy Leigh)? Those chubby little arms are so cute!