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That Can Happen?! TMI.

No one tells you that when you have a little munchkin, sometimes, a diaper gets full....and then goes above and beyond. I'm here to tell happens. Ho-ly....well, you get the picture.

The Airport- Arrival Pics!

On Thursday December 2nd, 2010 we arrived home with our bundle of joy! We were so sick, so tired, and much happier & proud than we've ever been.

How many first time parents does it take to put a baby into a coat?

My sister arranged for a professional photog / family friend to be at the airport to catch some shots of our arrival. Thanks Jay! You rule! Thanks Ike! You also rule!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Aftermath


Edit-Couple quick notes about the prezzies! See that dinosaur walker/ rider thing on the right? It was one of Chully's gifts from Grandma & Grandpa L-P. Mike and I sat about a metre and a half apart this morning and Chully walked back and forth between us while pushing the dino! He was so happy. We were so proud! It was adorable. Tomorrow I'll try and grab some video.

The red sled is from Chully's Grandparents on Mike's side. Grandpa L had sanded & painted it himself! So sweet. We're going to try and mount it on his bedroom wall.

Was Santa good to you this year?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Cool fire truck! Thanks Auntie I and Uncle M!

Hop on the back mama!

Getting spoiled is exhausting! Nap time with Auntie!

We hope your Christmas is full of love, laughter, friends, family, and FOOD!

Best Christmas ever.

More pics to come!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

As Promised!

I had to share this despite my weird man laugh. Do I really sound like that?! The boy though- He's too cute. Sorry for the delay!


Chully and I did some last minute shopping today and after lunch we stopped by Chapters. Who knew pulling books off the shelves and getting mama to put them all back would be so much fun! We even made a new friend and played with the dollhouse for a while. He was actually squealing with delight. Really fun day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life: An Update

Life continues to be great since coming home with our sweet boy. He is adjusting quite well and although sleep is still a bit of an issue, we're getting the hang of things little by little. Chully is still in the pack and play next to our bed and we haven't ventured moving him any where away from us just yet but as I said, no biggie. It is amazing to sit back each night and list the noticeable ways we bonded that particular day. How did I ever not know this little person? You guys were right, I forget a life without him.

We are really looking forward to Christmas this year. Last year I fantasized that it would be our last Christmas as a family of two but I also kinda felt like it might be a little bit of wishful thinking. We have so much to be thankful for this year and I plan on spending every moment watching my boy soak in all of the magic that the holidays hold. Remember when Christmas was magical? I had forgotten all about it. I remember when my parents would tell my sister and I that if we listened we could hear Santa and his reindeer on the roof. We always did and would rush to our beds to pretend to sleep. They always said "If you aren't asleep Santa won't stop" The lies! ;) One year my parents wrapped all the gifts before Christmas Eve and put them under the tree and my sister and I opened every one. Could you imagine?! Who does that?!

Chully continues to eat really well. A new fav is pastina. I blended a homemade veggie packed sauce to go along with the tiny bits of pasta and he couldn't get it in him fast enough. Is there a better feeling than watching your kids eat well? Well, besides, them falling asleep on you, giving you a sloppy baby kiss, holding your hand, bundling them up in your arms after a bath, seeing their smile first thing in the morning....ok, ok, the list goes on and on and on. Cheesy, I know. What can I say, I'm a sleep deprived, insanely happy, and totally in love new mom. It rocks.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Decorations- iphone Pics.

I'm sure he thinks we're nuts.

Hanging our homemade Korean flag ornament! What a difference a year makes!

My dudes!

Man- the quality of these pics suck! I really have to use the good camera more often. I'm brutal for that. Sorry!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa: Take Two

Santa sweetened the deal with a red sucker. I probably shouldn't have but I couldn't not let him have a few licks. Well, he took a couple licks and then basically smeared it from head to toe. He had it everywhere! In his hair, on his coat, the whole shebang. Totally worth it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine Months Old!

Did I mention how much of a ham this guy is?! We were calling him "Mama's little Bieber baby" b/c of the hairdo. ;) I grabbed these iphone pics last night post bath, pre bed. One of my favourite times. He is so snuggly and so, so funny at this time of day.

Its hard to believe that tomorrow marks two weeks that we've been home and Chully's nine month B-day! Time has gone by so quickly but at the same time, I feel like we've come so far.

Sleep. Ahhh, precious, precious sleep. The first few days / nights were rough to say the least but we're getting better every night. We're in the "one good night, two crumby" mode right now but we're definitely counting ourselves lucky. He was co-sleeping with his foster parents & the crib is a scary place at this point so we've put a plan in place. The first couple nights he was in bed with us, since then he has been in the pack and play beside our bed. Over the next few months we plan on slowly inching it closer to his room, eventually, when he is comfortable, landing him in his crib. It's a loooong process but patience, patience, patience is key. I'm not going to stress over it too badly. He needs to know we're here and as long as the plans are progressing and we're sleeping at night, I'm pleased. I had an idea of how it was going to go before we had him home and of course now that he is here and reality has sunk in, plans are pitched. C'est la vie! Happy boy, happy mom.

Food. The boy LOVES to eat. We've been staying pretty mellow with the new foods but the ones he has tried, he's loved with the exception of watermelon. Not a huge fan. His favourites so far are cheese and mashed banana!

Play. Whatta guy! He loves anything that has anything to do with banging stuff together, clapping, slapping his hands on something, etc. All signs point to a love of drumming. When he isn't pounding on something he is trying to stand up on something, balance (his little baby toe breaks away from the rest of his toes for extra stability...SO cute), and yes....attempting to walk. Scary. I think I have a couple more months of getting used to the action of it all though so that's a relief. Without anything else around to pull himself up he can get into the downward dog position and then rocks back and forth for a bit and then falls. When there *is something there to pull himself up....look out! He is up and he is proud! Big smiles all around. :)

His idea of petting Dex is more like grabbing a handful of hair and pulling so we're keeping a close eye on that. Poor Dex. Chully just can't get enough of him. They're getting along great. In fact, I worry that Chully's first words could easily be "Please don't share your rice cracker with the dog, buddy" b/c he hears it so often. ;)

It's a trade off for Dex, I guess. Pull my hair, share your snacks.

The amount of happiness this little boy has brought to our lives in such a short amount of time is immeasurable. He amazes me everyday with what he learns, how much he grows (could they grow ANY faster?!), how much he laughs, and makes us laugh. I'm a lucky, lucky mama!

Happy Nine Months, sweet boy. We love you so much.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chully & Santa

"So I sit with this dude and smile....

and then I get presents?!"

This weekend our golf club had its annual Christmas party and we were in hog heaven having our boy home to attend! We had been amping up Santa for days and Chully did great w/ the old man! What can I say, this boy loves to have his photo taken! He is such a ham & I LOVE it! He is such a funny guy.

BTW- Any techies out there? I can't get that video to upload. Although its saved as a quicktime video my comp is giving me an error message that says..."The document “Chully Blows Raspberries.MOV” could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that QuickTime Player understands." Weird. Any thoughts?

Korea 2010!

"Feed me and we'll get along juuuust fine!"

Back at the guesthouse.

First family photo at SWS in Korea just after our son was placed in our arms forever.

One last bottle with our boy's amazing foster mom.

Finally in my arms!

Mike holding our boy for the first time!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry for the delay guys! Lame, lame blogger! As you can probably imagine it's been craziness here on the home front but a really awesome craziness. Chully (our boy's nickname) is such a happy little guy and his smile is the most amazing sight. The first few day were rough to say the least. We had a very tired (but would not sleep) and very sad little boy. We've been home a week now though and we are all slowly finding our groove. Chully shows off his toothy little grin to us often, is eating well and although we had an issue the first couple days we were together, is relieving himself regularly. TMI? My radar is kinda off these days! Sleep would probably help that, eh? Ok, I still (argh, why does this seem like such a big job?!) haven't uploaded our camera photos. To make up for it I've included a video (Edit- still working on the video upload) and a couple iphone pics full of cuteness. Thanks for all your kind words and your patience! I'll get better as I learn to manage my time! After his afternoon meal our boy likes to snuggle on the couch and that eventually turns into him blowing raspberries on the arm of the couch. It's hilarious and he gets a pretty big kick out of making us laugh. Future class clown? We're totally head over heels in love!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Things / sayings that have taken on a whole new meaning since I've become a mom:

- I love you
- What just happened?!
- I'm so tired
- I have the best friends and family ever. Yes- that means you!
- I'm scared

It's 5 am and my boys are sleeping. I've just been laying here for hours so I thought I'd drop you a quick line. I'll go into more detail in another post but we've made it, we're together, he is eating, he is sleeping, he is smiling! I'm exhausted and scared out of my wits but I think that's how I'm supposed to feel....? Right? Moms? Dads?

Pictures! I promise! Soon!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Makes Three!

We've got him! We've been hanging out in the room all day getting to know eachother and its been great! He did have a bit of a cry when we first got in but otherwise he has been doing well! We've dimmed the lights, put on some Pororo, had a bottle, some rice porridge, and even a bit of a snooze. Everything is fab! We even did a load of laundry! Well, Mike did.

Fingers crossed the little guy is ok through the night. Either way, we'll get through it!

He is incredible guys.

zzxxcv fdrrrrrd ---- that was a little note from the dude! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 More Hours!

Holy moley! I can't believe it. The end of one journey ends and a whole new adventure begins! Crazy. Time is going by so slowly and that's probably because we hadn't been able to do much of anything other than wish away the time until we see our son again.

We haven't pushed ourselves to do much sightseeing this trip which is fine by me. We've just been strapping on the backpack and walking. To no where in particular. Just walking. We figure whatever gets us through. We'll have plenty of trips back with our boy to explore with a mission. This trip it just seemed more comfortable for us to just...float. So, our floating landed us at Starbux this morning where we are pretty much staring at the time tick and drinking more coffee and playing more solitare than should be legal. :) It is nice to just hang with Mike without a plan though. That never happens.

There is another family here that we've met. Very nice. We haven't hung out but I think that's only because Mike and I are up and out walking off the willies pretty bright and early every morning and stay out until dinner. Then we grab something quick and hit the hay. They are here until Monday and get their boy for keeps on Friday. When we did meet briefly in the hall the other day we were like a group of sugar spiked kids. Huge smiles, practically jumping out of out skin! "We're in Korea! We're getting our boys!!!"

Alright! Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit! 105 more minutes to go!


Monday, November 29, 2010

We Met Our Boy!!!!

You know how long I've been waiting to type those four words?!

It was incredible. He was so easy going, came to both Mike and I, sat with us, fish hooked Mike with his little fingers, re-styled my hair (he likes whispy pieces pulled from a ponytail apparently, who knew?!), and put on a little baby babbling show for us. He's beautiful. Even more beautiful than the pictures we received, even more beautiful than we BOTH dreamt about last night (weird right?)....He's funny, he's loving, he's really strong....that boy wanted a piece of fruit I was eating and he went for it full on. I won but just barely.

The first person he went staight for was Mike. They told us that he favors the man in the house. But then he was done investigating him and was ok with sitting with me for a while. I'd sing a little bit of pororo and he would grunt along with me. It was really surprising and we all got a good laugh!

We were warned on the way there that he may not be in the best of spirits because he is getting over a cold and has a fever but he was great albeit a tad sweaty. Poor boy. The word from the doc is that he is on the mend and he is scheduled to visit the doctor again just before we pick him up for good on.........WEDNESDAY! Wednesday at 11am we get our boy for good!

Just thought I'd throw that in there! Bam! Happy dance central! ;)

We also had the pleasure of meeting our boy's foster brother and sister who were pleased to receive the gifts we brought for them and seemed to really like them. Before we left they presented Mike and I with a bag for our son. Inside was a traditional Hanbok which our son will proudly sport on his first birthday, sentimental crafts lovingly made by his foster sister and the most heartfelt letter written by her as well. So, so sweet. We'll keep them forever and pass them on to our boy to treasure always.

Great day. The best day ever in fact.

Thanks for all the great comments guys! I really look forward to getting them!
I'm thinking of you all often.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nervousness: A Whole New Level

Holy cow! 87 minutes to go. I don't know why I'm so nervous. I can't rationalize it. I keep telling myself that it should just be pure excitement not nervousness but you, its just all of that at once. All this time, all this thinking, all this praying, has come down to today. This afternoon we meet our son. O-M-G, right?!

The next time we talk we'll have finally held our boy!

Sleep, Walk, Eat, & Shop!

That is what today consisted of and we are not done yet! We still have one more meal to go. I think the deal this trip (other than the obvious) is to just eat as much as we can. We just can't say no and it is all amazing!

In between eating we did managed to shop a ton and get the boy some awesome Pororo gear and visit a huge aquarium. It was really busy but all the better for us because we got to see all the great fish, sharks, turtles, manatees, even penguins and people watch too. Then we walked, walked, and walked some more which is great considering all the food we're eating. Did I mention how much we're loving the food? ;)

So, tomorrow is the big day. We meet our son! Its just too good. I can't believe that in just hours we'll be in the same room as him. We are scheduled to be at our case worker's office at 1:30 and then from there we'll visit the foster family's home. I have all of the gifts wrapped and ready to go but I'm having some difficulty writing the card I have for our boy's foster mother. Whatta say, you know? I'll figure it out, I just have to stop thinking so much.

Well- we're off! Going to look up some new Korean words, take a stroll, and you guessed it, to eat.

안녕 or bye! Talk to you later! We hope you're all having a nice, cozy weekend!


Friday, November 26, 2010

We're Here!

We're here and LOVING it! The people are so lovely, the culture is so beautiful, and we've felt so welcome and embraced! Sometimes literally! :)

Our flight was uneventful, comfortable, and they fed us well! Too well! Korean Air was incredible and well exceeded our expectations. Hot towels, slippers, the whole bit. Really, really nice.

Our accomodations have all the necessary appliances and feels very homey. We feel very comfortable.

We're feeling pretty tired despite snoozing on the ride over but we did get to go out for a walk this morning for a few hours. We grabbed some bread, bananas, and other goodies at the Emart (like walm*rt). We felt super cool grocery shopping in Korea but probably looked so nerdy snapping pics of eachother holding the basket.

Something that has struck me several times in the short time we've been here? Korea is SO clean! I'm amazed by it. Like sparkling, shiny, clean. The stores, the streets, everywhere. Big, friendly, and CLEAN.

Oh! You know what else was really cool? When we first deboarded the plane we used the restroom. When I got into the stall I noticed what looked like a doorbell on the inside of the stall wall...."Hmm, what's this...should I press it?" I thought. I was on my way out so I decided to go for it. As I reached down I noticed the writing on it said "Toilet Ettiquette".....Yes, it is exactly what you think it is! A sound box that makes a bunch of noise. Like 10 toilets flushing all at once! You have to admit- that's cool! So high-tech!

I am taking lots of pics but I've not yet found wifi. Our room does have a computer though so at the very least I'll write and then overload you with pics later. I'm thinking we'll find a way before then though!

Its 12:40 pm here and rainy. It looks like we are going to lay low for the rest of the day. Watch movies, get settled, maybe hit a neighbourhood restaurant for dinner, and go to bed early. We are so tired.

Today and tomorrow we'll rest and then Monday, we meet our boy! Our sweet little, beautiful boy. We're closer than ever!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Is Awesome!

I've never felt more excited! I feel different. Is that possible? Cloud nine baby! :)

I'm bringing the iPad so where ever there is wifi I may write some random, super happy person post! Sorry.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Counting The Seconds!

I've been at it all day! Cleaning, organizing, packing, and all around NESTING!

I'm getting near done though and now all that's left on the to do list is fun stuff! Manicure, hair appointment, etc. I've been looking forward to that time when I can just sit back and really take it all in.

We have some family house / dog sitting while we're away and they arrive tomorrow afternoon. Poor Dex knows that something exciting is happening but he can't quite figure it all out. :)

To say that the developments in Korea have been on our radar would be the under statement of the year. Praying. Praying. Praying.

Talk soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Travel Call Details!

What a day! I feel like yesterday was a complete blur of excitement! Here's how it all went down...
At 10:01 am the phone rang & I saw our agency's name pop up. Before I could think anything I grabbed it.

Me: Hello?
Them: Hi. Is this Misty?
Me: This is her.
Them: Hi Misty this is S.
Me: Hi S! How are you?
Them: I'm great thanks. How are you?
Me: I can't breathe...IS THIS THE CALL?!
Them: Yes! Your son is ready for you!
Me: (Total. Blubbering. Mess.) I'm (cry stutter) sorry! I can't breathe.
Them: That's ok! They're happy tears! You cry, I'll talk!

Who knows what was said after that! I know I said she had the best job in the world and then thank you like...ten thousand times.

8 weeks on the nose we waited after submitting our paperwork. Our agency says it takes 8-12 weeks for a TC after submitting all of your documents but of course it felt WAY longer because we had first fell in love with him back in August. Plus, our boy had just turned 8 months old the day before yesterday and we were feeling pretty anxious to just get there already!

When I called Mike at work he came straight home and I was waiting at the door when he pulled in. We literally jumped up and down with excitement. Even Dexter (our pup) joined in. Sounds kinda sappy but it was an awesome family moment.

The rest of the day was spend calling around (ovbs) telling our family the news, filling out travel docs, Mike headed back to work, and I stubbled through the rest of the day in total shock, resisting the urge to stop everyone I saw to tell them I was going to Korea to get my son! I have a son! That I'm going to Korea to meet! No biggie. ;)

I had errands to run so Mike met me for dinner and we went for celebratory burgers, fries, and gravy. Maybe it was circumstance but it was the best veggie burger either of us has ever had. Bonus!

Kinda switching gears here but....

Over dinner we thought and talked a lot about our son's foster family. It's strange to imagine the extreme sense of happiness and excitement mixed with compassion you feel at this point. There were things that we were told about our son that only a mothers love would take note of. How his face lights up when he hears a specific song or how he moves in his sleep. These are the things I think about when I think about how she must be feeling at this point. Even when I hung up the phone after receiving the call, I thought about the phone call she would have just received or will soon receive. It's the way this machine is wired though. It's the process and we're so grateful.

We're also thinking of our son's birth mother today and praying for her peace in knowing that our boy is coming home to a family full of love, security, & encouragement.

We're so lucky. We're so happy. We're so grateful.

Before I sign off I just wanted to say a quick and heartfelt thank you to all my blogger friends, family and friends. I know you read it a lot and I just hope that it hasn't lost it's effect. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For following along, letting us follow & share all of your adventures, and for all the amazing support and kind words of encouragement. This would have been such a lonely and scary road without all of you. Thank you.

Yowzers! We're going to get our boy!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travel Call!!!

Details to come! I couldn't wait to share the news! So, so, so, so, so HAPPY! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 8 Months Sweet Boy!

Everything is all ready for you here at home. Your room is set, your bed is made, your clothes are washed and hung, and your whole family loves you and are waiting anxiously to snuggle you! Especially your Omma & Appa.

P.S. Your puppy Dexie sleeps in your room all the time! Your bedroom has the best sun spots to stretch out under. ;)

We love you so much!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Say Uncle!!!

Ok, I give.
This is starting to suck. This morning it hit me while I was staring at his pic. It's a strange feeling. Like, hurt or extreme happiness or "ARGH, hurry up!!" or....I don't know it's difficult to articulate. You know what I mean?
He just needs to be home. We need to be able to hold him.

Today i'll be thinking about how thankful I am to our son's foster mother.....and how disgustingly jealous I am.

OK! I'm good again! Gotta push through! :)

*Edit* it's not 20 minutes after I wrote this post and it's amazing how much of a weight I felt has been lifted! Weird. I guess just acknowledging it? Who know's but I feel like a new person!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nursery Update!

Other than getting the shutters installed and a couple other details I think we're all set! It's surreal to walk in there and think that I'll soon be staring at these walls wishing for some shut eye or snuggling our son in the big red chair.
On a side note- I opened a bag of diapers the other day and was blown away at how small they've become! Truth be told, the last I remember diapers were like bricks! Big, thick, white, bricks. Remember those?

Come oooon travel call!