Friday, January 29, 2010

Speaking of Control

Accidently deleted the post :(

Another one of those days. It wasn't important though. Just whining about not being able to renew my passport before it expired. :)


The Word On The Street.

A family that we've become friendly with are in the middle of their second international adoption and just had their home study approved! They just got word today and will send their dossier off to Korea next week. Originally we thought we were only a few weeks behind them so when I heard the news my stomach dropped thinking that we may hear something early. Really early. Like, in the next few weeks. I got immediate butterflies and I called M. but when I did the math I was bummed to find that we're actually 10 weeks behind them. You think they do them in big ol' batches? Do you think it will take another 10weeks? Probably. Argh. It is nice to know that things are happening on the other side though, ya know? Its crazy the mind games you can play on yourself when you have zero control over something you SO want to have complete control of. I'll hang onto this little piece of hope. Like the name of this steps.

HS with MCYS- 8 weeks today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today. Argh.

I have a headache, Dex has suddenly morphed into "disobedient counter surfer" mode, M's working late and everyone has a baby but me. Ok, that last part made me the baby but so be it. I'm entitled to a down day. For such an amazing journey it really does kick your butt up and down sometimes.

I'm consistently surprised by the emotion b/c it stops me in my tracks daily but....I really miss you, baby, who I've never met, who I don't know exists yet. You are coming right???

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're getting good at waiting!

Our file is still with the Ontario Government (5 weeks tomorrow) and we're passing the time getting some items ticked off of our dossier list. One small part of our package will include a whole bunch of our photos to basically tell a story of our lives. Its actually really fun to go through all of our photos and remember different dinners, or trips, or holidays.

As always- we'll let ya know if we hear anything! Tick, tock, tick, tock....


More Cooking = More Eating! Yay!

Remember how I was telling you how cooking calms my nerves and helps me to relax? I think I can honestly say that tackling "royal icing" is not (by any stretch) a blissful baking experience. It was horrible....and messy! I did salvage a photo from the whole ordeal though! In retrospect, what I should have done is taken a picture of the mess I made! Comical at its peak.

The other couple pics are of a chicken pot pie I made. Perfect for these freezing cold days we've been having. I loosely followed a recipe my sister had made up and then improvised here and there to suit our tastes! Turned out really well! We ate till we were stuffed and then had enough leftovers to freeze and enjoy later!

Apologies for the quality of pics! They are taken with my iphone. Oh, & I took them! Lose/lose. ;)