Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Weekend!

So much to celebrate! Valentine's Day, The Lunar New Year, Homestudy has been w/ the Ministry for 10 weeks (double digits, baby!), that sponsorship application I was working on last week have been submitted, the central vac has been successfully installed, Family Day, AND.............our dossier is complete!

The above pics are of M & I (do ya love my hair-don't?!) just after we packed up the paperwork to be sent to our agency. From here we continue to wait on the ministry's a-ok and then once we get that, it all gets sent to Korea!

The timelines the agency states say that once our file is in Korea it can take anywhere from 4-10 months for a referral. Now- I'm going to tell you this but only b/c it made me very excited and hopeful NOT b/c I think that this will happen for us or that you should think that this will be our reality...(that's my disclaimer.) There was a family last week that got a referral in 7 weeks! Amazing, eh? Again- not the norm.

Is it weird that just after we took this pic I danced around the dining room?

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