Thursday, February 4, 2010

What A Day! - updated.

Paperwork Central!

Dexie is spent!

Today I spent the day filling out government paperwork and arranging all of our dossier goodness. What started out as a stressful day b/c I don't, as it turns out, know anything about immigration (who knew!)worked out to be a really rewarding adventure! I found myself on the opposite end of telephone calls to the government call centre three times today and had totally pleasant experiences each time.

Did I mention that between calls and filling out forms all-day-long I got a call from my adoption fairy Godmother / awesome friend M.E? Woman's intuition must have been on our side today as she called to lend some much needed encouragement and advice on exactly what I was working on! She turned what could have been an ass day straight around with a gentle but truthful reminder that in time, we will be parents to a baby that was meant just for us. Its all the universe's way. I find a lot of comfort in that and the reminder was perfect! I feel super lucky to have someone I'm already close to know the ups & down of the adoption journey first hand and who shares real life advice. Really- there's so much unknown and although I know every adoption process is unique, an educated guess from someone who has lived it is all I need from time to time to keep on keepin' on, you know? Man- I dig her.

Dex was my wing man all day. Snoozing by my side leaving only twice to sprawl out in his sun spot in the soon-to-be nursery.

I feel like I accomplished a lot today! Once again, baby steps but even, no, TWO steps closer to our little one!

We're coming for you little one!

M.E.- If you're reading this- Correction. 9 weeks tomorrow, not 10. Even still, spirits are up!

Update- OH! I forgot to mention! M and I watch CP24 every morning with our coffee and they do these prize contest give-aways where you email them the answer to a question they ask. I shoot an email off on the odd occasion I know the answer and today I won! Yup! The question was "How many days till Valentines day?" Yeah, not a skill tester but still! I got an email just after I had Dex out saying I had won a special V-day Le Senza Gift. Neat right?! I gave the station the name of a good friend who I know could use some spoiling.


  1. Thank you for such nice words. I really needed to hear some good news today. I'm glad I can help you in some way through this crazy process. As you now know some days are better than others. Today is hard one for me. Shortly we're going to have to make some tough decisions as to whether to continue with the program we are in, switch programs or give up on our second adoption entirely. It really is proving to look like the program we have been pursuing since Nov '08 doesn't look viable. A recent report has asked for the country to suspend international adoptions (again). This time around our agency, the same as our first adoption, is proving to be less than helpful. Not good. They said it would be a bumpy road, but this is much more than any of us expected. The thought of starting over seems impossible and I want to scream. There are children who really need mommy's and daddy's in a safe and loving home and it just seems too far away for us now. I know tomorrow will be better but today is just tough.

  2. The bad days can get SO bad but keep your tunnel vision M! Today will pass and if you think it'll help get you through...I'd scream. Cry. I really would. I do! Have your moment to just say it like it is. Today blows. XO