Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Have I introduced Dex yet? This is Dexter. He's our 2 year old Chocolate Lab and is such a good guy. I love that our son or daughter will grow up with such a gentle & loving sidekick.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Dwarf Korean Lilac

The other day I was at the local nursery looking for a lilac bush. I absolutely LOVE the smell and decided it had to be planted in a big pot on my front porch. Sadly after asking the gentleman working there if I was ok to do that he said "No, you don't want to plant this kind of lilac in a pot. It should go in the ground b/c they tend to get a little crazy. There is a dwarf variety that will suit your needs but we don't have them." Just as he walked away a fellow customer approached me and said "Excuse me, I didn't mean to overhear your conversation but I just wanted to tell you that the lilac you're looking for is called a Korean Lilac. I love mine and have been looking everywhere for another"

Say whaaaat?! :)I had to have one now!

M & I finally found one at the 4th nursery we visited. They had one bright and fragrant plant left so we scooped it up and I have to say, I can't wait to admire it over coffee in the am. Such a nice coincidence!

Friday, May 28, 2010

11 Weeks!

A new newsletter was sent out by the agency today and I always anticipate reading them b/c it lists any referrals (baby matched with a family) and travel calls (now come and get your baby) that may have been received since the last update. There hasn't been any referrals in our program for a couple weeks but there was a note saying that they hope for some in June. There was also a reminder that referrals can take up to 8 months. We knew that but perhaps that was the adoption "gods" giving me a little heads up that these things take time. As I've mentioned, M and I have always felt more comfortable counting on the longer time lines anyhow although to be honest, I have felt a teensy bit anxious in the evenings wondering if that night could be the night. I'll take the newsletter reminder as a sign to maybe relax and not over analyze every email from our PM or take every little thing as a sign. Errr...just a tad contradictory but you know what I mean! :)

OK! Confession- Since we've moved into our new house I've had a penny in the mailbox. I'm not sure how it got there considering we installed the box when we moved in but I found it there and I've felt kind of superstitious about it for some reason. Like its there to attract good news. How about you guys, any funny superstitions?

Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Weeks!

Double digits baby! Feels good! Talk about butterflies though! Seriously, I feel like I'm chugging up an incline on the world's largest roller coaster! I guess in a way I am! Clink, clink, clink..... :)

This weekend there is a Korean Exhibition that we're hoping to check out. Traditional Korean dancers, drumming, & FOOD! It should be really fun.

Here is a link to the events blog-

Korean Food Expo 2010

Have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Seouls Blog

I LOVE visiting a blog called "Little Seouls"

Its a cute blog written by two Korean-American moms and its full of interesting information on all things Korea!

I especially love the "Day in the life" type posts. Here's one that I found really cool...

Wanna see Korean school lunches?

Cute site right?

I'll take a lunch "A" please! :)

They also have a store site and a party store site. I don't think I've delved too far into how important a Korean child's first birthday is (I'll save that) but there is a ton of stuff I have "dog eared" on these sites for our babe's "Dol"

Really fun site!

9 Weeks!

Its been 9 weeks that our file's been in country!

Here's what we've heard from other families of the coming process...

- Some families receive their call in the evening. Around 9pm. We figure this is because Korea is 13 hours ahead of us and in the thick of the next morning at that time.

- When the call comes it is often a telephone number that will lead you to believe its a telemarketer. This is because our PM will be calling from her home and will use a number that will direct the long distance charges to the agency.

- From what other families have told us, our PM will say "We have a referral for you." A baby boy/girl, birth date, age, special little details like "loves to laugh, very active" etc., & maybe some other details. I'm sure every referral call is different but this is just what we've gathered from others and their calls.

- While our PM is speaking with us on the phone she is also emailing us photo(s).

- Then we finally get to see that little face!!

Then....more paperwork! :)

I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal and every night around nine is sadly and embarrassingly the time that I start to get the "huh, ya, I'm ups" unless I'm deep in a book or online. Although its early to be thinking about this... remember, the 7 week / early referrals are very rare and to every early call, I'd bet there's more later calls, SO its totally just fantasy talk BUT, I often find myself thinking around the 9pm mark "What if tonight is really the night?" What if?! My gosh. Then I wonder if I'll be able to even speak when the call really does come!

Sorry about the run on sentence earlier!) :)

Chubby little baby arms and legs, a gummy smile, drool soaked chin, sparse unruly hair, tiny little toes.....

I get butterflies whenever I think about it. We love you little one!

On the home front- I'm suspending myself from buying anymore baby shoes. I came home with 4 more pairs the other day. It was a major (major!!) sale. Those soft leather slip on cutesy ones? Those! I got all different sizes for them to grow into. What can I say?! Other than... there is just one. more. pair. I neeeed to get. ;)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Name Is M**** & I'm A Horrible Painter

I've painted a couple walls in the baby's room and just yesterday I gave three of the walls their final coat. But there's a minor...issue.

After some googling I've found that the problem I'm having on one of the walls is something called "Flashing?" Well, without the question mark but I'm second guessing if that's even right.

In only one area of the biggest wall there are shiny and dull spots. Its driving me bonkers. Its a new home and none of the walls had been painted with anything other then that builder beige primer colour. Anyone know what the deal is and how I can properly fix it? Some sites are saying that the area may not have been primed properly. Do you think I could sand, prime, and try again? Could it be that easy?

Happy Children's Day!

Sorry! I meant to post this yesterday but I got to cooking and then all I had left in me was a shower and BED! I was beat.

May 5th is Children's Day in South Korea! I've linked a great read on the holiday.

"Children are the heroes of tomorrow. May they grow to be gentle, vigorous, and wise."

Bang Jeong-hwan

Hey- I wonder how parents feel after celebrating Children's Day?!

I don't know from tired! ;)

Almost 4 am in Seoul. 10 degrees Celsius and just a few clouds.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forgot to add.... :)

Its nearly 9am in Seoul right now, 18 degrees and overcast. Later they're calling for 20 degrees and partly sunny.

I like imagining what our little one might be doing, eating, seeing or smelling. I have a friend that just moved to Seoul in March so I've LOVED clicking through her Facebook pictures to get an even better idea.

The Baby Show

We went! Its pretty awesome feeling like we're really "expecting" and trying out products as soon-to-be parents :)

We tried a bunch of strollers and carriers (any suggestions on either?) and actually bought some crib sheets and a "Sophie"

I learned about "Sophie" through a friends son and knew that if it was "R" approved, it had to be a winner!


P.S. Adding to the nursery closet (above) has become one of my favourite things!

Ah oh.

I also added a pic I had on my iphone of how the baby's room looks so far. We chose to go with a really soft, spa like vibe in the nursery instead of an all girl or all boy theme. Its not much to look at right now but as we slowly work away I'll continue adding pics so you can see the progress. That dark wall is a chalk board wall that M plans on drawing pics of Dex on. I'm not much of an ar-teest but I plan on leaving some super cheesy love notes on there!