Saturday, May 15, 2010

9 Weeks!

Its been 9 weeks that our file's been in country!

Here's what we've heard from other families of the coming process...

- Some families receive their call in the evening. Around 9pm. We figure this is because Korea is 13 hours ahead of us and in the thick of the next morning at that time.

- When the call comes it is often a telephone number that will lead you to believe its a telemarketer. This is because our PM will be calling from her home and will use a number that will direct the long distance charges to the agency.

- From what other families have told us, our PM will say "We have a referral for you." A baby boy/girl, birth date, age, special little details like "loves to laugh, very active" etc., & maybe some other details. I'm sure every referral call is different but this is just what we've gathered from others and their calls.

- While our PM is speaking with us on the phone she is also emailing us photo(s).

- Then we finally get to see that little face!!

Then....more paperwork! :)

I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal and every night around nine is sadly and embarrassingly the time that I start to get the "huh, ya, I'm ups" unless I'm deep in a book or online. Although its early to be thinking about this... remember, the 7 week / early referrals are very rare and to every early call, I'd bet there's more later calls, SO its totally just fantasy talk BUT, I often find myself thinking around the 9pm mark "What if tonight is really the night?" What if?! My gosh. Then I wonder if I'll be able to even speak when the call really does come!

Sorry about the run on sentence earlier!) :)

Chubby little baby arms and legs, a gummy smile, drool soaked chin, sparse unruly hair, tiny little toes.....

I get butterflies whenever I think about it. We love you little one!

On the home front- I'm suspending myself from buying anymore baby shoes. I came home with 4 more pairs the other day. It was a major (major!!) sale. Those soft leather slip on cutesy ones? Those! I got all different sizes for them to grow into. What can I say?! Other than... there is just one. more. pair. I neeeed to get. ;)



  1. How exciting to think your call could come at 9pm at night! How do you get to sleep every night???

  2. Hey Kelly! With the phones VERY close by! ;) A lot like you guys these days I'm guessing!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is getting so exciting! Those little leather shoes/soft mocs (Robeez) are brilliant. Our son LIVED in them. Shopping for our boy is so much fun. Today I made another stop at Baby Gap for more clothes I don't need. But man I love that place. This time our son picked out the stuff he wanted. For a 3 year old, he's getting pretty picky but he still remains a sharp little dresser!

  4. I totally got them on your and R's recommendation! It must be awesome to watch him pick out his own duds & develop his own personal style! He is such a cool kiddo.