Tuesday, June 22, 2010

14 Weeks!

Last Friday marked 14 weeks that our file has been in Korea. Isn't that something?! Incredible.

In other awesome news, a blogger friend of mine who has been waiting ever so patiently for her and her husband's travel call has finally received it and "K" and her DH "J" leave for Korea tomorrow!! A little while back they held a fun "Guess when we'll get the call" contest on their blog and I won! Again, isn't that something?! Sa-weet! :)

Congratulations K & J! Thanks again for sharing your journey. Its been really awesome following along and we can't wait for it to continue!

On the home front, this weekend I'm hosting a bridal shower for my (not so) baby sister so I've been keeping busy by planning, baking, and cooking. I do have to admit to going a tad over the top but hey its my sis and I love this kind of thing!

I'll be sure to post some pics!



  1. that was you? congrats on guessing the date!!I am so excited for them...I can't wait to hear about their trip!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited you guessed correctly! Thanks for following along with us to Seoul ... that'll be you some day soon hopefully :)