Friday, July 30, 2010

20 Weeks.

20 weeks. 5 months. Crazy. Isn't that crazy?

I have noticed we're (ok I'm) spending a lot more time in the nursery than we/I used to. Just lingering, writing on the chalk board wall, deciding on where the crib should be set up, looking at all the cute little outfits, and such. Just generally thinking about our baby-to-be.

In other news...maybe I shouldn't say anything but I will anyway....we've got the name list down to two! One girl name, one boy. We haven't and won't fully decide until we see the kiddo and learn a little about them but they are good, classic names. That's all I'll say. ;) It certainly isn't easy deciding on a name your child will have for life is it? Especially if you wait until you're 30+ to start a family. It seems like everyone you grew up with or know has had children which in turn makes it feel like every name under the sun is attached to someone you know, have known, or someone someone knows.

I've also noticed that parents can get pretty testy about the name game. What else are parents testy about?

Why do I imagine a group of moms sitting on a park bench sinisterly saying "Join us. You'll see. Mmmhahahaha"?


  1. Oh man... I sooooo hear you on the name thing. Hardest decision of my life to date. I like classic names too!

  2. What I've learned is that some parents are very easy going and some parents get testy about everything! I guess most are somewhere in the middle.

    I've seen parents get upset if someone comments on the size of their child - even when it is not said rudely at all. Not sure why "He's so tall" or "She's so little" gets someone's knickers in a knot. (It's not like someone said, "Your kid is SO ugly/fat". LOL!)

    Also...when anyone talks about how smart or clever their child is, it is a 100% requirement that all other parents in the room comment about their own child's brilliance. BUT...when people do actually do find out they have a gifted child they suddenly start acting like they had no idea their child was so smart. I've seen this happen a few weird!

    20 weeks is a lot of progress! Yay! You're getting closer everyday.

    PS. I like classic names also...but since I never had a good 'short name' as a kid, my boys got classic names with very definite short forms too. :)

  3. Ah, yes! The name thing can be tricky! My dh and I are both teachers so it was very hard trying to come up with a boy name. Isn't it exciting when you narrow down your list? Classic names are wonderful!