Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did somebody say Babymoon?

Last week when I was having a particularly crumby day a friend commented that perhaps we should take a babymoon. Although hubby and I have talked about getting away just him & I before becoming parents, M has been ridiculously busy with work and work travel.

Little did I know he already booked a little getaway to Montreal we had been talking about! We plan on totally vegging out, strolling the old city, shopping, eating super fattening meals, sipping good wine, and maybe even squeeze in some spa time. Stoked!

The cherry on top is that we decided to drive from where we live (only a few hours) and we can stop at my sister's new house in Ottawa on the way home!

Now we're talkin'!


  1. You should take many trips like this - eat lots of good food and drink lots of good wine and go to the spa ALOT because, as I can now attest, those things will not be happening again for a looooong time which is both great and a little bit sad.

  2. Whoever suggested a Babymoon is truly brilliant! :)