Friday, August 27, 2010

We Are Parents!

"You have a son"....the best words we've ever heard.

Last week M and I went to Montreal on our babymoon and what will now go down in history as the second (I have a feeling Korea will take the top spot!) best trip ever!

We went to a museum the first day and then just hung out Thursday night having dinner in the hotel and turning in early. Friday we woke up and had breakfast and then started our day with a walk around Old Montreal. Later that morning we ended up in front of Notre Dame Basilica and went inside. If you ever find yourself in Montreal it is totally worth a visit. It really is something. While we were there I lit a candle and said a short prayer. We can all imagine what that prayer entailed. Here's where it gets interesting...

We stepped out of the church and I hear an email hit my inbox. It read...

I've tried calling you but it goes straight to VM. Pls. contact the agency.

Of course we immediately called our PM and got her voicemail. On our way back to the hotel we agreed that if she hadn't called us back by the time we reached the hotel we would call again. That's what we did.

It all went so fast...but in slow motion too. I couldn't breathe in fear of missing anything she said and I wasn't saying anything I thought I would. In fact, I don't know that I said anything really coherent. I remember frantically scribbling out details and then the next thing we knew we were in our hotel room watching the slowest progress bar ever in the history of the world crawl across our computer screen.

Then we saw him. words.

You were all absolutely right. I get it now. It was worth every tear, every fear, every worry. All the little pieces were coming together in perfect timing. The classes, the wait lists, then the waits, the trip, the church, all of it, the best recipe we've followed all year and its just the beginning! Crazy. The first words M said after seeing the referral pictures for the first time were "That's my son." In the most certain of tones. In total awe. He couldn't of said it better. We are parents. M's a dad! I'm a mom! I am a mother. Haha! ;) Amazing.

Thank you so much for all your kind words of support, friends.

We are ridiculously in love. Our boy!

Pics to come!


  1. Huge Congrats to you both!!!
    I hope you boy and my boy become fast friends:) I hear they will be about the same age! Soak it all in :)

  2. Yes! I'm sure they will! Thanks so much. :)

  3. Oh my God! What an amazing story about getting your referral! I could not be happier for you guys!!! Can't WAIT to see photos of YOUR SON!!!!!

  4. Woo hoo!!! Congrats! I couldn't be happier for you guys. Let the shopping begin!

    I can hardly wait to meet him and our kids to have playdates together.


  5. Congrats to you!!

  6. Congratulations mommy! Go out and celebrate!!!

  7. Even after spending all afternoon catching up yesterday and hearing the story first hand, reading this almost made me cry. Congrats again. So very happy for you both!

    Love, cj