Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's In The Bag, You Ask?

It's our boy's care package! :)
-One outfit
-One set of jammies
-Three pairs of socks
-One pair of slippers
-One micro fleece hoodie sweater
-One stuffed head, blanket body rabbit
-One super soft and snuggly baby blanket
-Two disposable cameras
-4 Laura Secord packs of chocolate. One for each person in his foster family.
-One Baby Einstein photo album with pics of Mike and I & the pup.
-One mini baby book.

The guy at the counter could hardly believe I got all that in there. Mommy super powers in full effect, I guess. Heeeeey! ;)


  1. hi there, thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement, misty!
    your son is ADORable! and i'm impressed at how much you were allowed to send! we were limited to a gallon-sized ziploc! he is going to love all his goodies!

  2. Way to pack! Very impressive that you fit all of that stuff in there! I hope you get your travel call very soon!

  3. Good packing job Mama! I was amazed at what I fit into our box as well... crazy what motivation can do, no?!

  4. What great items for the care package!! What type of disposable camera did you use?? Great idea for Laura Secord chocolates!

  5. Thanks guys! M- I ended up sending a couple of those easy peasy Fun Saver Kodaks.