Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shower Pics! (Off Topic)

Sorry about having to use the iphone to grab these. I always forget the good camera. I should probably work on that. :)
I LOVE cooking and had a blast getting all of the dishes together. The theme was "Blushing Bride" so we had a signature pink lemonade cocktail, easy to eat food items, cupcakes, all that girly goodness!
Food table. Well, one quarter of it. Unfortunately I got so side tracked I forgot to take pics before we all dug in. You get the idea though.

Homemade truffles.
Prize Table! I wrote questions like "The bride made me laugh the hardest when..." or "What I love most about the bride is..." & guests wrote their answers, we read them out, had a good laugh and then drew a winner or gifted the funniest reply. Turned out well. Some really funny answers and some really sweet ones too.
Ike- I hope you had a great day!! You're the best sister anyone could ever ask for. I'm sorry I blamed the chocolate sauce incident on you when we were little...and for saying you made me engrave the built-in wooden pantry on Catherine Street with a spare key.

Congratulations A & M! Love you guys!

Friday, June 25, 2010

15 Weeks!

Not much to say other than moan and groan about being exhausted but that never makes for a very interesting post so I'll spare you the details. ;)

Hope you're having a fabulous start to your weekend!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

14 Weeks!

Last Friday marked 14 weeks that our file has been in Korea. Isn't that something?! Incredible.

In other awesome news, a blogger friend of mine who has been waiting ever so patiently for her and her husband's travel call has finally received it and "K" and her DH "J" leave for Korea tomorrow!! A little while back they held a fun "Guess when we'll get the call" contest on their blog and I won! Again, isn't that something?! Sa-weet! :)

Congratulations K & J! Thanks again for sharing your journey. Its been really awesome following along and we can't wait for it to continue!

On the home front, this weekend I'm hosting a bridal shower for my (not so) baby sister so I've been keeping busy by planning, baking, and cooking. I do have to admit to going a tad over the top but hey its my sis and I love this kind of thing!

I'll be sure to post some pics!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If there was ever a time to use "OMG" it is now!

I just had a long distance call come in that was from the same area as our agency. I knew it wasn't from the agency b/c it would have come up with the name but since it was the same area and no name I thought it could have been our Program Manager calling from either home (They're cutting office hours) or that crazy long distance number that pushes the charges to the agency. Mind you all this thinking was all in a matter of a half a second.

It wasn't. The way I answered the phone though! Just a tad aggressively! "HELLO"

My heart is still in my throat. [head shake] I can be such a nerd sometimes.

At least I know that I'll be able to speak when the call really does come!

"HELLO" Argh. I'm so embarrassed. LOL.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Victory, Victory, Victory, KOREA! :)

Korea 2 - Greece 0
Congratulations Korea! What a fun morning!

A new blogger friend "Christine" (who's son btw is a total rockstar!) also posted this video on her blog with a warning that this song will get stuck in your head. She was so right! "Vic-tory, Vic-tory, Vic-tory, Korea!" :)

So fun! Loving this song!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Newsletter Update!

Two referrals last week! Wait times were 5 months and 6 months. Pretty middle of the road according to what the agency estimates in literature.

They certainly don't name the families in the newsletter so we have no idea who they are but we're thrilled for them just the same!

There was also one travel call. Wait time for it was 8 weeks.

Great news!

Happy weekend-ing!

13 Weeks!

We still haven't heard anything but I'm expecting a new newsletter from the agency today. Here's hoping there was some good news given to some very patient families this week. I'll let you know what I learn when it lands in my inbox!

Helllllo Friday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Who Get's A Cold In June?

This girl. My throat hurts, my nose is stuffed up, and I'm totally beat. So inconvenient but thrilled that the universe found a way for me to catch up on "Nurse Jackie"! :)
This morning I mustered up enough energy to do the floors, make a trip to Chapter's, grocery shop, and even clean and cut all the produce so I'm all set to crawl in and not feel the least bit guilty. I even put a big pot of that Spicy Korean Stew on to simmer the afternoon away. So not the weather for it but hey, I have a cold so I guess its bizarro world in our house tonight!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

12 Weeks!

Its been a busy but fun week! My Dad's birthday was this week and my sister came to stay at our place for a couple days. Time has just flown by! M was out of town so we did the sister thing and talk, talk, talked and ate, ate, ate! It was a great visit! No word from the agency yet but you'll of course be the first to know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!