Friday, July 30, 2010

Special Delivery!

Remember I was telling you guys about the contest I won? Very quickly- I follow a blog of an awesome family who were (at the time) waiting on their travel call to pick up their ridiculously cute son. The contest was to guess the date of their travel call and I won!

My prize (Two children's books from Toy alley in KOREA!)arrived today with a really nice, handwritten card. Made my day.

I love them and I'm sure our little one will too! Thanks K, J, & M!

20 Weeks.

20 weeks. 5 months. Crazy. Isn't that crazy?

I have noticed we're (ok I'm) spending a lot more time in the nursery than we/I used to. Just lingering, writing on the chalk board wall, deciding on where the crib should be set up, looking at all the cute little outfits, and such. Just generally thinking about our baby-to-be.

In other news...maybe I shouldn't say anything but I will anyway....we've got the name list down to two! One girl name, one boy. We haven't and won't fully decide until we see the kiddo and learn a little about them but they are good, classic names. That's all I'll say. ;) It certainly isn't easy deciding on a name your child will have for life is it? Especially if you wait until you're 30+ to start a family. It seems like everyone you grew up with or know has had children which in turn makes it feel like every name under the sun is attached to someone you know, have known, or someone someone knows.

I've also noticed that parents can get pretty testy about the name game. What else are parents testy about?

Why do I imagine a group of moms sitting on a park bench sinisterly saying "Join us. You'll see. Mmmhahahaha"?

Friday, July 23, 2010

19 Weeks.

A new newsletter was sent out today. No new referral news. One travel call. The wait was 6 weeks!! Love that. There was also a section dedicated to "what to do during your wait" & lots of clues alluding to long wait times. The Korea program was not mentioned specifically but this girl can take a hint! ;)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did somebody say Babymoon?

Last week when I was having a particularly crumby day a friend commented that perhaps we should take a babymoon. Although hubby and I have talked about getting away just him & I before becoming parents, M has been ridiculously busy with work and work travel.

Little did I know he already booked a little getaway to Montreal we had been talking about! We plan on totally vegging out, strolling the old city, shopping, eating super fattening meals, sipping good wine, and maybe even squeeze in some spa time. Stoked!

The cherry on top is that we decided to drive from where we live (only a few hours) and we can stop at my sister's new house in Ottawa on the way home!

Now we're talkin'!

Friday, July 16, 2010

18 Weeks.

This was a quick week. No new news and unfortunately no newsletter this week. There has been some action on the Yahoo board our agency has set up for each program but its basically just people (like us) wondering when they will get their referral.

Time wise we sit on the middle to longer end of the waits mentioned in the posts. I think there are two files that were sent before ours was. But again, none of that matters b/c the children are matched. Its nice to have even an imaginary gauge though. I'm under the impression that things slow down a bit in June and July but I can't remember if I was told that or read it somewhere. Maybe I made it up! ;)

And that concludes another super informative post! Hahah!

Happy Friday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Interesting Food Blog

I keep meaning to share the link to this food blog called
"Closet Cooking".

The guy who writes it experiments with all different cuisines but Korean flavors are clearly a favourite of his. He does a ton of really neat Korean fusion dishes. Spicy Korean tacos, Quesadillas, & Kimchi breakfast sandwiches, are just a few that caught my attention. Most recipes he shares are certainly not always traditional but if nothing else, totally interesting. Dude food for sure! Every time I'm reading a new post of his & M walks by the screen its "That looks amazing! Can you make that for us?!"

I've linked a direct hit to all his posts labelled "Korean".

17 Weeks!

Let's do this! I'm feeling renewed today. The rain is coming down pretty hard outside and it is more than welcomed. Nothing like a good rain day.

Also- it's newsletter day! I have heard through the agency's yahoo board that there was a referral (a little boy) this past Monday night! The family had been waiting since January.

Thanks for the support yesterday. It really meant a lot. I was on such a roll but a good "this sucks" moment might have been just what the doctor ordered to pull me through the rest of the wait. Sometimes I just have to entertain it for a short time & then shake it off!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Tall, Sugar Free, Vanilla Soy... Truth Serum?

This week sucks. Maybe its a huge pity party (seating for one) but I just feel like my wheels are spinning. Ever have those days?

Physically I feel fine, although I've not gone to the gym once this week and I'm letting my healthy gym food turn in my fridge as I type, emotionally ok, spiritually...check. If I had to pin point it I'd guess I'm just feeling tired mentally and that would be b/c of the constant guessing, wondering, hoping, etc.

I count down the days until the newsletter lands in my inbox, my stomach jumps whenever my phone rings, & most of all I curse the companies that send me spam emails for making me think for a brief second while my iPhone loads that it might be our agency writing to say that we should expect a call about a referral. Seriously, does that even happen?! I don't think so.

We're creeping up on week 17. I know, I know. Week 17.

Maybe its this crazy heat wave. I have nightmares of our file being read over and then moved to the side and to the bottom of a pile, read again, shuffled around and then eventually lost in the mix.

Its amazing the daydreams I catch myself in too.

"Our file is on the desk matched with our son/daughter. Our PM is picking up the phone, dialing, and my phone is going to! No, NOW!" ;)


"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end"

Margaret Thatcher

Friday, July 2, 2010

16 Weeks!

No news. Tomorrow is my 31st birthday so I was secretly hoping this would be our week to hear something but nope. Nada. In reality it is still early. Early-ish, I guess.

Wouldn't that of been an awesome present? That's OK. I'm not much of a birthday crazy kinda gal anyway so it was just convenient timing to throw that idea out there into the universe to see what happened. Whenever it happens it will be perfect timing. It has to be.

Tomorrow night DH is taking me on a date so I'm really looking forward to getting dolled up & lingering over a long dinner and a decadent dessert. I'm thinking lobster and cheesecake! You know what I'll be wishing for!

Have a safe & happy holiday weekend!