Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toque / Tuque, Eh!

["Canada: America's Tuque"]

The lovely Brooke left me a comment on my last post (Thanks Brooke!) asking if a "toque" is french for hat. Her comment inspired this post!

The short answer- yes. Longer version here.

Funny, this post sucked me into a vortex of even more awesome Canadianisms and it made me you have any unique sayings or names for things? Either in your country, city or even family?


  1. Haha! I'm sure that we southerners have a ton of unique sayings, but it is so hard to identify them from my own point of view (they aren't unique to me!).

    I actually grew up in FL (not really the South), and then moved up into the "South" in high school. My hubby grew up here. He calls shopping carts "buggies" and I think that's pretty funny ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. Thanks for the info! We are actually Finnish and Travis mom speaks it, his Dad understands it and my Grandfather spoke it fluently, but it was never passed down to either of us. But boy do we use the slang. Milk is Maito (My-toe-ah) and when my boys are naughty they are
    baha boykas. Travis rattles on in all kind of mixed up Finnish sayings and what-not. It is really kind of funny. One thing that has stayed with my husband that shows he is a true Finn is his love (obsession) of saunas. Ours is finally in the works of becoming finished:)
    P.S. I love Canada too, and I am not even Canadian. We have taken trips to Victoria, Vancouver, and Summerland many times and Travis has been to Siou St. Marie (Spell?) but we have never visited the areas where people speak a lot of French, I would LOVE to someday!

  3. haha, i'm glad i'm not the only one that didn't know what a toque was! good to know there's more than just "chapeau" for hat in french! ;)
    my hubs is from wisconsin, so he has some weird sayings, like the water fountain (drinking) being called a "bubbler" and tour being pronounced "too-er".