Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chully's 1st Birthday Party Pics & Video!

A couple of weeks back we celebrated Chully's First B-Day at our golf club with the fam. The awesome photos Jay Perry Photography captured speak for them self! Warning- Pic Heavy!

Place your bets!

Grand Entrance. "Pour moi?!"

Number one!

Smooch Break!

G-Ma Love!


"Wait, you got me WHAT?! Awesome!" {Ginormous, I'mtotallygoingonit, bouncy castle}

What's it gonna be?

Tennis Ball- Athlete

Rice- Never go hungry!

"Hmmm, never, ever go hungry?"

Third pick! Bro-in-law suggested Sports Medicine! Maybe!

I kept this one in b/c I look like I'm going to attack and devour my niece. I didn't.

Cousins/ Besties

Paging Dr. Mc Cute-much?

Make a wish!

Stalking his prey

"You sure you want to photograph this?"

I'll take those kisses anytime!

Happy toes.

We're so proud of you, Chul. XO

{P.S. What is that my "you're about to have a fab day" shirt?! I just realized I was wearing the same top the day we picked Chully up for keeps. Kinda wish I noticed earlier. Oh well. I do have other clothing, I swear.}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playdate Awesomeness

Last Friday Chully had his third official playdate with two of his best friends, D and V. I absolutely love watching these three hang out. Check out this video the talented AS captured and surprised us Mamas with. Its too much, isn't it?! SO sweet! Arrrrgh!
Thank you so much AS!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday beautiful boy! You are such a loving, funny, sweet and smart boy. You amaze us everyday with the new things you come up with. We feel so lucky to be your parents.

Here's what you've been up to-

You're walking! Everyday you get more and more comfortable on your feet and can walk further distances. You squeal with delight with every step! I catch you practicing when you think no one is looking and I beam with happiness seeing your success. You are very determined.

You like to put your soother in backwards and pretend that "its no thang" and its hilarious!

Another funny thing you do is fake cough. It started out a while ago just out of the blue but now you're prompted to do it when we pass someone in the supermarket who is coughing. You wait a few beats and then start fake coughing and laughing. You know, that may make people thing you're mocking them, right? I feel like you and I have a private joke and I love it!

You LOVE to work on anything art related. You and I pull out the crayons a couple times a week and work on your very own canvas. You are so proud when we put your work in progress back up on the mantle and admire it. You point and grunt. When its time to put the crayons away you arch your back and freak out.

You throw everything. But mostly food. Dexter loves this about you!

Bath time continues to be a hit! You hang out in there splashing around, practicing your "uh oh's" and banging your toys together.

Puppy. You love that stuffed puppy so very much. Last month when we went to the Korean New Years celebration at the church I forgot your stuffed puppy on the chair I placed you on to take your coat off. We didn't realize until we were about 30 minutes away and had to turn back. I counted my self lucky when it was laying right there on the chair when we returned. I cried at the thought of having lost something so important to you. Puppy stays at home for most of our adventures now.

You're so big! We always talk about how much you've grown since we've gotten home but when I see you around other children I really see it. The other day we were out and you saw a baby and started waving. You wave a ton. The ladies melt. Well played Sir....anyway, you waved and they came over for a visit. The little boy was only a couple months younger than you but seemed so tiny. An infant. You've suddenly become a little boy. We're eager to see what the doctor has to say in a few weeks.

You're not big on having your teeth brushed anymore. You used to like it.

You're a headbanger. Banging your head off of anything that may make a noise is kinda frightening for us but you seem to love it. Maybe we could compromise and....well, not do that?

You refuse to eat anything that you cannot feed yourself. All of your meals have been revolving around things that are healthy, teeny, tiny (or can be cut that way), and that hopefully won't create the hugest mess ever. Your favourites right now are broccoli, avocado, cheese (still), any meat you can get your hands on, blueberries, and yogurt.

You try desperately to snap your fingers. Some of the songs on TVO get us grooving together (Hello?!) and you watch us intently when we snap and then rub your thumb and middle finger together. Adorable. Now you rub your fingers together whenever you hear ANY music. You really are a genius baby. :)

When someone winks at you, you blink both eyes really hard trying to wink back. Genius.

Grown up Chul, you have brought a happiness to our lives we didn't know could exist. We are so in love with you and thank God every single day for bringing the three of us together. Continue to shine beautiful boy. We can't wait to see what the year ahead holds!

Uh Oh!

We're Uh Oh'ing all over the place these days. In line at the grocery store, in the car, in the tub, everywhere! Not in the correct context and our inflection is a teeny bit off but CA-UTE! I think he knows it too. He's totally working it.
Chully Bear, you're so great.

Kids Today...

(iphone pic)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Horrible quality but I was happy to have barely caught this hilarious moment!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Real Whodunit

Gotta Have It

This is new. Climbing the fridge. Only terrifying for me apparently.

He is such a joker.

I guess he wanted a yogurt?

Remembering Korea Via iPhone

Doesn't he look so little?

We LOVED Korea. Can't wait to visit again soon.