Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Patient

The day before yesterday Chully gave us quite the scare w/ a fever of 103.5 F! The poor boy was beet red, cranky, couldn't sleep, hot to the touch all over, and scariest of all, completely dazed. Apparently its not at all uncommon but that didn't make it any less scary when the nurse at the family doctor suggested we brought him into urgent care.

The hospital was great and had us in the second we walked thru the door. After a super dose of ibuprofen (I had already given him some at home to no avail) the fever broke and he was back to himself and we were sent home with the doctor having found nothing obvious going on. The difference in him was amazing really.

The following morning the fever spiked again to 104.5 so I was back on the phone with emerg. explaining the situation. They suggested rotating ibuprofen and acetaminophen and if the fever didn't break to bring him back in. Luckily the initial dose of ibuprofen (and tons of snuggles) did the trick and we've been fever free and med. free for the last 24 hrs. Everyone agrees that it has to be a symptom of teething.

The first of many scares with a rough and tumble little boy, I'm sure. Scary.

The pic above is of Chul having his first popsicle when we got home from the ER. Look at that little hospital anklet. :(

P.S. Now that he's back to himself and all better.... :)


  1. How scary!! So glad he is doing better.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. That's awfully high for teething. Usually that's a low grade fever. Sounds exactly like a virus. This happened to our 15 month old a couple weeks ago. He woke up from his nap with a 105 temp! We tried tylonol (all we had) and it didn't work. We took him to the urgent care and they did some tests (all negative) and gave him motrin. The fever spiked again the next day, but we were able to control it with motrin. Then about 3 days later he broke out in a strange looking rash. I took him to his pediatrician and she said it was a classic viral rash. Keep an eye out for a rash. I had several friends say the same thing happened to their kids as well. It is so scary!

  3. Hey Lex- Yup, looks like that's what may be happening. Good call! We noticed a small patch of super tiny pimple like, difficult to even see marks on his trunk last night. The doc says it's really common. Luckily, Chully doesn't seem bothered by it at all.

  4. How is he doing now? Fevers are so scary.

  5. eek! scary! cb had an on and off fever like that last week and we thought it was teething, too, but then he started with diarrhea and vomit (nice). yuck! it's so much worse when it's your baby and they can't tell you what hurts! poor babies...
    hope chully's doing lots better (and mommy and daddy, too!)!

  6. We had one of those two - High fever followed by a rash for a day. No other symptoms and only lasted around 24 hours. Tylenol makes a night & day difference for Sebastian as well.