Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kicking It With My Boy

When the wind blows he stops everything he's doing and reacts like someone has poured a glass of water over his head. Funny guy.

Swing high fives! They're tricky! ;)

He probably could have gone alone but I totally wanted a turn!
{ I should probably worry about being the embarrassing mom }

Rockstar Baby

Visiting a local farm.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's The Deal, Banana Peel?

Drooling while watching the diggers. Seriously.

Boy, it's been a while!

Over the past couple weeks poor Chully has been dealing with more teething. This time round I've been crazy about keeping his schedule and its helping to get us through the night. Funny how putting him down 30 minutes earlier than we normally do (did) helps so dramatically.

Luckily, Chully had a routine appointment with the Doc last week so we were able to calm some first time parent jitters by making sure that all his symptoms were typical and be positive there wasn't anything else happening. We also got some stats! Our boy is a long and lean cuteness machine! Duh. ;) He is in the 17th percentile for weight and 79th percentile for height.

Also! We have a new word! "Dec-ta" (Dexter" our family dog's name)
It seems to have bumped "uh oh" and is the fav word right now. "Dec-ta, Dec-ta, Dec-ta!". So adorable. Every dog is "Dec-ta!" too which is totally hilarious.

Is it Spring in your neighbourhood yet?